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Frequently Asked Questions About The Tax Code

Tax issues are understandably intimidating, and you may be afraid that any actions you take will lead to serious repercussions or expensive fines. As experienced tax law attorneys, our team at Bendure & Thomas has compiled a list of common questions that you may find helpful.

It is important to note that these answers are not tailored to your personal, financial and legal situation. For custom legal advice that ensures your actions fully account for your legal and financial obligations, please reach out to our firm and request your free initial appointment.

The IRS Is Auditing Me Or My Business. Do I Need To Get An Attorney?

While there is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer during a tax audit, working with an experienced tax law attorney is among the best steps you can take to protect yourself, minimize any additional tax burdens and fines, and limit the impact an audit has on you or your business. We highly suggest scheduling a free consultation with our firm.

What Is The Difference Between A Lien And Garnishment?

If you have unpaid taxes or the IRS imposes fines, they have the power to place a lien or order wage garnishment. A lien places a hold on your property until the fines or taxes are paid; a garnishment takes a portion of the unpaid balance directly from your paycheck until the fines or taxes are paid. If you are threatened with a lien or garnishment, contact our office immediately and ask about how to mitigate the issue.

Is It Possible To Reduce The Tax Burden On My Estate?

Yes. With intense review, our attorneys can help determine the full value and holdings of your estate, and think strategically about ways to minimize estate taxes and other tax burdens through estate planning, trusts and other methods.

Will Filing Bankruptcy Stop The IRS From Collecting Back Taxes?

As with many debts, bankruptcy prevents the IRS from continually contacting or harassing you. Our firm can help you explore whether bankruptcy truly is your best option to resolve your tax conflicts or if negotiations, restructuring or payment plans better suit your needs.

When Does A Tax Issue Become Criminal?

There are several criminal acts that commonly are associated with taxes and the IRS, most notably fraudulent filings. If you are accused of criminal tax fraud or another criminal act directly related to taxes, talk to our lawyer right away.

More Tax Questions? We Can Help You Find The Answers.

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