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Helping You Plan For The Future Through A Tax-Advantaged Estate Plan

Estate planning can be a challenging process both emotionally and financially. If your loved one passes away without wills, trusts or other plans in place, that challenge can be even greater. Having an experienced attorney by your side as you explore your legal options can help protect your interests and prepare for the future.

At Bendure & Thomas in Broomfield Hills, Michigan, our attorneys have navigated the complexities of estate and tax law for more than four decades. This extensive experience gives us the skill and knowledge necessary to help you create an estate plan that provides for your loved ones, protects your assets and avoid undue tax burdens. Our goal is also to make the inheritance process smoother for your loved ones during a difficult time.

Exploring Options That Will Protect Your Assets

While the primary concern of those planning their estate is often the fate of their assets, tax concerns are an aspect of estate planning that can be just as significant as distributing property. Our experienced tax attorneys can ensure that you know the legal requirements for both state estate and federal estate taxes, gift taxes, and generation-skipping tax issues.

We will guide you through the different options available to you, including wills and trusts as well as other documentation like establishing power of attorney or a health care directive. Together, we will build an estate plan that ensures your estate is managed according to your wishes, simplifies the process for your loved ones and minimizes the impact of taxes on inheritance.

Guidance On Tax Issues In Probate

For estates that are already in probate, we can guide you through the probate process and offer guidance on the tax requirements before you. We will help you avoid unnecessary tax expenses and help make this legal process easier during a difficult time.

Protect Your Interests With Our Attorneys At Your Side

Whether you are working to protect your estate or are navigating the division of a loved one’s assets after they have passed away, having a qualified attorney by your side can help protect your interests. Free initial conferences are available by calling our office at 248-782-6869. You can also tell us more about your legal concerns through our online contact form.