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A Strong Defense Against Tax Fraud And Evasion Allegations

Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious allegations that can result in federal prison time, among other penalties. If you or your business is under investigation for tax fraud or evasion, you need a skilled lawyer on your side – one with extensive experience opposing the IRS in serious cases.

At Bendure & Thomas, we can defend you at all stages of the criminal investigation, including in federal court. Our lead tax attorney has more than 45 years of experience representing clients in high-stakes tax cases. When you work with our firm, you can trust that you have proven experience on your side.

Many Pitfalls Can Lead To Criminal Tax Investigations

Federal tax law is exceedingly complex. Well-intentioned individuals and businesses may find themselves under investigation by the IRS for tax and accounting practices they thought were legitimate. For example, failing to deposit customer checks into a business account to avoid paying taxes on that income could readily invite an audit that escalates to a criminal investigation.

Missteps during the audit and investigation can land taxpayers in further trouble. If you are facing scrutiny by the IRS, the sooner you involve an experienced tax attorney, the better your chances of securing a positive outcome.

We Can Help You Avoid Mistakes That Could Land You In Jail

Allegations of tax fraud or evasion should never be taken lightly. It’s easy to make mistakes when confronting those allegations. Even seemingly small missteps could jeopardize your freedom, your finances and your business. If you don’t seek legal representation, the consequences could be severe.

Our lawyers can find the strongest angle for defending you, which might include:

  • Preparing and filing amended tax returns
  • Presenting strong, evidence-backed arguments that there was no intentional wrongdoing
  • Protecting your rights during the criminal investigation proceedings
  • Fighting the criminal indictment and charges in federal court, if needed

When you work with our firm, you can feel confident that your case is in the right hands.

Your Tax Case Is Our Priority

We understand the vast implications that a tax fraud case has for you, your family, your reputation and your livelihood. We will work tirelessly to protect you from the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction.

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