IRS Audit Defense
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IRS Audit Defense

When you face an IRS audit, we recommend you putting us on the job as soon as possible. While many people normally wait until later in the process, we can better maximize your options if we get involved in the process as early as we can.

The law firm of Bendure & Thomas, based out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, puts more than 40 years of experience in tax issues to work on your case. When you work with us, you gain the benefit of the years of seasoned legal judgment that come with that experience.

Comprehensive Tax Advice: Civil And Criminal Defense

Our experience includes work in criminal defense matters involving tax controversies such as tax fraud. While we advise you during your audit, we also help you understand if any penalties are triggered or any criminal issues arise and, more important, how to handle them.

Our lawyers’ advice also includes a consideration of the options that best fit your circumstances. Not every option fits every situation. For that reason, whether we advise you to take your case to trial or to negotiate a settlement, you will rest easier knowing you are working with a firm committed to the kind of one-on-one legal guidance that makes such tailored advice possible.

For instance, reopening audits can be an option even if you have missed your 30-day deadline to appeal your case in the IRS appellate department. We can provide you with a candid assessment of whether such an option would be available to you in your situation as well as other options such as offers in compromise.

Attorneys And Counselors At Law In Tax Matters

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